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Event Photography

I'm here to help commemorate your event with beautiful photos.

With event photography to me is the professional art of snapping high-quality images during a wide variety of important occasions, from personal events like birthday parties to large public gatherings like corporate events, galas, award ceremonies and music festivals. Typically, the goal for me is to compile a variety of posed and candid photographs of both people and scenery.


Event photography is like documentarians.

Even though I’ll be interacting with people and saying, ‘Hey, do you mind if I get a photo?’ for the most part I’m walking around being a documentarian. Event photography can be fascinating and exciting as guests become more comfortable while the camera is around.

Ready to get this party started?

(Weddings not included in this service)

  • Pre-event meeting for brief on photography requirements

  • Shoot session (3 hours) 

  • Digital photography images supplied on USB in JPEG format


Shoot Package $400.00​ (3 hours)

Additional rate of $85.00 per hour

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