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Formal Portrait / Studio set-up Package

A formal portrait in photography is a posed and carefully composed image of an individual or group, typically taken in a studio setting. The purpose of a formal portrait is to capture the subject in a flattering and dignified manner, often emphasizing their status, profession, or personality. Formal portraits are usually taken with a neutral background and a controlled lighting setup, with the subject facing the camera directly or at a slight angle. The use of props or accessories may be minimal or absent in formal portraits, as the focus is on the subject's appearance and demeanour. Formal portraits are often used for professional or personal purposes, such as business profiles, family heirlooms, or commemorative keepsakes.

Ready to show of your best clobber?

Formal Portrait Package details

  • Pre-shoot meeting for brief on photography requirements

  • Photo shoot day - Allow 3 hours

  • Full studio lighting set-up (portable or mains power) including background for home or office (space permitting)

  • 2 shoot locations can be chosen (within travelling range and time frame) portable lighting set-up if no power available

  • Image proofing

  • Post shoot meeting to discuss and choose your 3 low resolution digital images + 2 included 10x8 lustre prints

  • Online Photo Album (Password protected)

Digital images remain copyrighted and will be released at agreed price.


Shoot session $500.00​


Print packages start from $263.00

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