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About Me

Well, a little about me. Fairly simple life, husband and dad and apart from photography also keep down a full-time job. Joys in life are firstly family, friends and love getting away on camping trips and of course snapping away on the camera.

My journey on the photography path

It all started in my early teens where I would use the old Kodak disposable camera and I remember mum & dad had this old silver camera where the flash was a cube with 4 flash bulbs and of course using film. It was only after I returned from a trip to the USA in the early 90's I delved into more serious equipment. I thought I took some remarkable photos, Grand Canyon hike, Las Vegas and the most exciting Miramar Air Base which I was never meant to be allowed to enter. Anyway by the time I returned home had the film developed I was so disappointed with the results so first self study books (no google or you tube back then) then enrolled in a private college.

From 94 - 96 did a full time course on photography and business studies at International college of photography and cinematography graduating end of 96. For a while it was all photography then life went in a different direction but the love of photography remained within and 2013 I was in the position to rebuild my portfolio and purchase some decent gear.

Being an old school photographer my photos are planned, composed through the view finder and for most part lighting corrections using camera settings yet saying that all photos need editing.  With people photography I keep my editing to bare minimum for most part unless asked to digitally add effects.

Photography is the art of capturing light and using it to create mood to the image and this is where study comes into it as an image should be designed through the view finder not through software due to bad practice. My knowledge, skills and love of photography brings what you expect from your session.

My studies concentrated on people photography portraits, weddings and other celebrations and to be honest I love all forms and will try any type so at present my services are portraits (formal or lifestyle), landscape & cityscape, animals, time-lapse and a little drone (non commercial). 

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